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The BATFE is notorious for its incompetence, racism, routine perjury, and outright brutality to firearms owners.

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Even Congress agrees that the BATFE is out of control -- they've held hearings several times!. Read the transcripts to find out why this agency has been called "jack-booted thugs."

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To keep some video play option within this site we offer below two short clips.  This first below is a small trailer for "The Gang" Movie and gives some idea briefly of the content of this important 'must see' DVD.  This can be purchased by paying a visit to the JPFO Store.

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This second clip below shows some further material from the BATFE briefing by Mr Busey in the training video "Rollcall", regarding the approach to the NFRTR database errors and inconsistencies.  A small segment of this was included in the Gang trailer above. It is necessarily set to view very small - both because of poor quality original material and also to keep file size down.

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Even opponents of firearms should support the making of this film. Learn why everyone should fight the precedents this rogue agency is setting.



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